Luna my silly man 

Luna has been in a funny mood all day flying around and not coming to the fist, I think he’s fed up off the weather and not been able to get out to fly free.

He is also at a very high weight which I’m wondering if this is due to it becoming the mating season, I never knew that owls mated for life until I read a book called Wesley my little owl, if about a girl who takes in a injured 4 week old barn owl and he goes on to live for a lot of years, I won’t spoil it but I can highly recommend it if you like to know all about owls.

Lunas weights is very good at the minute which is a good thing as I never got him to mate that’s good, only thing is if he’s at a high with and you take him outside to fly free he may not come back as he’s full up, doesn’t need to hunt for food, owls are not loyal to people they are loyal to the person that feeds them food that’s the only hold you have over a barn owl or any bird of prey, I have heard where a few have flew off never to be returned, I would be devastated if that happened to me.

I must also point out that Luna was hand reared and not parent reared which is another thing, Luna has imprinted to me as I feed him and see to him the most, he knows Graham to but I like to think that he regonises me the most.

At the moment he’s very funny as I’m writing his blog, he’s shouting, sat on my head, going on the phone, flew onto my keyboard all the while nussling me, the best part of all I love is when he sits on my shoulder and watches me type while falling asleep I’ve tried always to get a picture I will one day…… They say owls are wise Luna is defiantly wise he knows when I’m turning the camera on him  



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