Luna my little crazy owl

Luna had his first live feed on Facebook, and it went fab he got so many views on it and the numbers keep on growing, 

Yesterday the weather was bad in the morning but then it had settled off in the early afternoon, I knew that Luna was desperate for a bath as the weather been bad he has not been able to get out into the garden to bathe or fly free it was 70 miles a hour gale force winds, so there is no way Luna could/want to go out in that. Barn owls are at a disadvantage when they are wet and therefore very vunarable to predators as there wings been wet they can’t fly.

Also when the weather is bad they can’t hunt very well, so they may not feed on that day, there have been reports on the Barn Owl Trust stating people have seen owls starving and injured which is such as shame as there is only a few pairs in the wild.

I often get asked how I came to get Luna, my husband has always had birds of prey from been a young boy till he was married and had his son, he then gave it up. I always had said to Graham (hubby) that I love owls and would love one, at the time we didn’t have the space or the land which when we moved we did. Graham’s friend had been buying a owl for his son and sent us a picture to which I said aww I’d love one he happened to say. I know where there’s one for sale, to which Graham decided to buy for me. Those who know me will know I was really scared of birds till Graham came in with a injured jackdaw who I decided to help and rescue with all intentions of releasing him when he was older but that never happened, I got to fall in love with Jack as I named him, he helped me overcome my fear of birds and Graham’s help was invaluable to. Jack lived with us for about 4 months but he passed away no one knew why, nothing had changed, but people say birds mothers throw there poorly birds out of the nest and Jack was very young when we found him so maybe that was it, but he had another 4 months with us, which made me laugh at his antics he still is a big miss.

Luna was 8 weeks old when he came to us we thought he was a female but he is defiantly a boy, females have specks on there breast Luna most certainly does not, I think he behaves like male. In all fairness we weren’t bothered either way. He is my owl and is my pride and joy. 

Can I just point out the picture where Luna is in a cage is simply while I was hoovering and his averiry was getting cleaned out, he normally flys free in the office when I’m in there or Graham.

  luna is on in this , because i was busy hoovering in the office   


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